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Aims & Objectives

  To Stimulate the growth and development of screenprinting and
   graphics industry in india

To Promote the general, commercial, industrial and social interest of
  the screenprinting and graphics industry in india

To educate and create awareness among Indian screenprinters by
  organising technical seminars, discussions, etc. and keeping them
  updated with latest developments and advancements taking place in
  the industry globally

To Provide a platform by which the problems and difficulties of Indian
  screenprinting & graphics industry could be discussed with central,
  state and regional Government and related bodies

To provide a major thrust on training and education screenprinters
  on professional basis and to work for an integrated institute
  eclusively for the screen printing industry

To Play an important role in getting various segment of
  screenprinting industry together and help in coordinating efforts for
  the united developments of the industry

To interact with internationl, national and regional printing
  associations and have friendship and cooperation with them to get
  an up-to-date information and knowledge on the related subject

To work as an apex body for Indian screenprinting industry and to
  represent with various govt. authorities from time to time and
  provide them with inputs required for the development of the

To encourage, develop and carry out, all kinds of scientific
  research, economic and social research related to screenprinting
  and graphics industries

To ensure the establishment, promotion, research and development
  of persons engaged in screenprinting & graphics industries

To encourage and bring about an attitude of cooperation amongst
  people directly or indirectly engaged in screenprinting and graphics
  industries, and to connect them and involve them in achieving a
  common goal